Redmond School District Families,

In response to growing school meal account delinquent debt, and its effect on education funds, Redmond School District will begin sending out past-due debt notices that include a firm payment due date in an effort to collect past due debts. This action is being taken in order to protect the high quality of education in Redmond schools. If the meal account debt is not paid by the due date, those funds must come from education dollars in order to protect the solvency of our food service program.

What this means

Past due delinquent student meal account debt greater than $100 may be sent to a third party collection agency if payment is not received within 60 days of the first past due notification.

When a meal account balance is -$100 or more, parents will receive a series of three past due notices over a 60 day period prior to the debt being considered uncollectible and turned over to a third party collections agency.  Households that apply for meal benefits and are approved for free or reduced-price meals will not be sent to a third party collection agency.

We’re here to work with families

Households that are not approved for meal benefits must pay the past balance of the debt over the 60-day period. When this is not possible, Nutrition Services will work with parents to make a manageable payment plan.  Nutrition Services will assist any household by developing a payment plans or by assisting with completion of a meal benefits application. Remember, meal benefit applications can be submitted throughout the school year.  As required by Oregon law, all students who choose to participate in school meals will continue to be provided one breakfast and one lunch meal per day regardless of their meal account balance or ability to pay. All meals served to students who are not approved for meal benefits will be charged to the student meal account.

How to access your account

All parents can view their child’s meal account balance and participation history by creating a parent account at This site also allows parents to apply for meal benefits.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this information. We can be reached by phone at 541-923-8238 or by email at