Spelling/ Words Their Way

Words Their Way is differentiated word study program, allowing students to work with words that are at their spelling level. Each week students will receive a word sort and will be asked to practice sorting these words based on the sound/spelling pattern, along with other activities to help them learn word meanings.

Words Their Way Homework Information

  • A new spelling list and sorting worksheet will be sent home every Monday.
  • At home students are to cut up the word cards.

Home practice should include:

  • Practice putting the words into the correct groups just as we do during group time;
  • Practice writing out the words for our test on Friday;
  • Complete a blind sort—students will write this in their Word Study Journals or on a separate sheet of paper.
  • Complete the Word study contract-students will do this work in their Word Study Journals.
  • Word Study Journals are due every Friday.

What is a blind sort activity?

A blind sort activity is when students work with someone at home to write their words in the correct group on the sorting mat. A parent, sibling, baby-sitter, etc. should read one word card aloud at a time. Then the student will think about which group the word belongs in and write the word in that group. This continues until the student has written all of the words. After the student has finished, he/she should look at the word cards to check the spelling of the words they wrote.
Within Word Patterns
Syllables and Affixes
Derivational Relations