Special Student of the Week

Special Student of the Week
Each week a student is chosen to be the “special person of the week.” That week they will get special privileges and activities that will celebrate them. This letter and backpack will go home the week before letting you know what will be happening during your child’s special week. On Mondays they will bring in the backpack filled with the special activities they’ll help with during the week.
Day One:
       *post the poster about their favorites that they have filled out at home, their 5-10 favorite pictures(baby, family, vacation, etc.); and other items (something they have made, a story, awards, etc); to decorate the special person board.
Day Two: 
      *present the Estimation Jar to the class. The estimation jar should be filled with the same object. (The jar can be filled with such items as pennies, jellybeans, cotton balls, etc.) Count the items as you put them in the baggie, so you know how many are there. Don’t tell anyone except Mrs. Alexander. Put the items in the baggie that is in the backpack and Mrs. A will put them in the jar in class. We’ll do a fun graphing project during math time.
Day Three:
       *Share the poster, pictures, and objects. The rest of the class will be taking notes for a writing task that will end up as a book for you to take home!
Day Four:
       *Share the mystery box with the class. Place an object that is special to you in the mystery box and write 3 clues to describe the object in the box. The students will try and guess what is in the box.
Day Five: Share your favorite book. This can be a book that you have read or one that has been ready to you. Tell us the title, author, main characters, setting of the story, and a summary of the book.