Speaking Schedule

speaking guidelinesWeekly Speaking
     Students will be expected to participate in our weekly speaking task. Each week will be a different topic. Students will be assigned a day that they will share with the class. Students need to be prepared and their effort will be reflected on the report card.
The first week of the month will be for Show and Tell. Please do not allow your child to bring electronic or expensive/precious items, which could get lost or damaged. Also, no pets please as some students have allergies. Students are more than welcome to bring in pictures of their pets. You can tell about something or bring in something to share. Students should practice what they are going to say so that they are prepared. After sharing, students need to ask for 2 questions from the class.
The second week of the month will vary from month to month.
  • September: Tell about an experience you’ve had
  • October- Report on family history/ancestry
  • November- Tell about something you are thankful for
  • December- A Special Holiday Memory
  • January- 2 truths and a lie
  • February- Share information about a famous American
  • March- Share an informational news article
  • April- Interview your parent(s) or grandparent(s) about a childhood experience they had
  • May- Tell about your favorite thrid grade experience
During the third week of the month children will be doing a Book Talk, like an oral book report. Children must tell the title, illustrator, setting, characters, problem, and solution of a book they’ve just finished reading.
Week four will be Poetry Reading. Students will find a poem from one of the class poetry books, library, or their own book, or a poem they have written and share with the class. Students may read from the book, or memorize the poem. If the poem is short, another can be selected and shared.
Here is the schedule for 2013-2014 school year: