Our Mission

Mission –  At Tom McCall, we are relentless in our belief that ALL children can achieve academic and personal growth.  With commitments to: collaboration, clearly articulated learning goals, strong relationships, and ensuring student safety, the growth of all students is possible.


Vision – The following will have occurred at Tom McCall if this was the best year ever:

  • All students grew academically.
  • We had strong connections between staff, students and families.
  • All students took ownership for their learning and growth.
  • All students were excited to attend school every day because “their” learning was engaging.
  • We enriched our curricula by integrating the “arts.”
  • Students used strategies to self-regulate behavior and problem solve.


Shared Commitments:

  • We are committed to modeling and teaching explicit lessons about growth mindset.
  • We are committed to establishing systems that provide timely, accurate and constructive feedback to students while involving students in the goal-setting process.
  • We are committed to active listening and thoughtful voicing.
  • We are committed to establishing routines that are clear and applied consistently to ensure that our students feel safe and can be successful.
  • We are committed to a focusing on the “positive” and variables we can control and We will apply problem-solving strategies during difficult situations.
  • We are committed to establishing clear and high expectations both academically and behaviorally and we will hold ALL students accountable to those standards.
  • We are committed to utilizing integral instructional elements of our adopted curriculum in a way that reinforces student-centered,standards-based learning.
  • We are committed to working together as a cohesive team to support ALL students with their unique needs.