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 Principal:  Drew Frank

Office Manager:  Margaret Iverson

Grade Levels:  1-5

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Letter From Mr. Frank  –  5/11/2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Today’s message begins with a big thank you and a nod of appreciation to you, the parents, who’ve become the teachers.  Next, I’d like to share a very important announcement from the state level.  The state will pay $384 per child to families who have already qualified for free/reduced meal benefits. Due to the pandemic, there might be families that would now qualify for this assistance.  If you’ve not previously enrolled, but would like more information, please refer to the attached link:

Oregon Department of Education 

It was wonderful to see so many of you last Wednesday during the pick up of your child’s belongings.  We were so appreciative of the kind words and gestures from both parents and students.  It was a great shot of positivity for all of our staff.  

As always, if you need anything, please reach out to your teachers. Together we can finish this year with our students remaining connected with their teachers and peers. 

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration for the 2020-2021 school year is now available online.


Visit EngageRedmond for home engagement resources and activities during the COVID-19 closure.

Dear Parent or Guardian of a K-5 Student: 

Thank you for partnering with us as we navigate Distance Learning for All, together. Our partnership is critical to the ongoing success of student learning while navigating COVID-19 challenges and focusing on family wellness. 

Our Distance Learning for All model adjusts the way in which we report student progress. While our priorities center on care and connection with our students and families and focusing on students’ needs, we are also committed to being flexible, allowing for multiple modes of student engagement, participation, and responses to acknowledge all students’ efforts.

Oregon’s Distance Learning for All  guidelines require schools to issue end-of-year report cards that use PASS / INCOMPLETE marks vs. the 1-4 grades you are familiar with on our regular elementary report cards. This means teachers may not be scoring assignments in the manner in which you are accustomed.  Instead, teachers will focus on engaging in meaningful feedback and recognizing students’ efforts, as they continue to monitor participation and engagement, and will communicate progress through email, phone calls or two-way video chats.

The uncertainty around learning (both during school closure and in the future) has prompted some of you to reach out with questions about whether or not your child will be (or should be) retained or promoted next year.  Guidance from the Department of Education is clear on this issue, “student promotion to the next grade level shall not be based on performance during the period of school closure; no child shall be held back or retained due to any impacts of extended school closure.”  We know that learning for all students will be impacted as a result of school closure. As school resumes, we will take steps to accurately assess student knowledge and skill level, and to use that information to inform instructional focus for the school year to accommodate the needs of all students.

For your review, we have included an Oregon Department of Education document entitled, Supporting Our Students in Grades K-8 Summary Document, a summary, detailing ways in which districts are supporting their local school communities. And finally, should you have questions regarding grading practices during Distance Learning for All, then please reach out to your child’s teacher or  principal.  In the meantime, we thank you for partnering with us to support your child!

Estimado padres o tutores de estudiantes de K-5:

Gracias por asociarse con nosotros mientras navegamos juntos El aprendizaje a distancia para todos. Nuestra asociación es fundamental para el éxito continuo del aprendizaje de los estudiantes mientras navegamos por los desafíos de COVID-19 y nos enfocamos en el bienestar familiar.

Nuestro modelo de aprendizaje a distancia para todos ajusta la forma en que informamos el progreso de los estudiantes. Si bien nuestras prioridades se centran en el cuidado y la conexión con nuestros estudiantes y sus familias, y nos centramos en las necesidades de los estudiantes, también estamos comprometidos a ser flexibles, permitiendo múltiples modos de participación, y respuestas de los estudiantes para así reconocer los esfuerzos de todos los y las estudiantes.

Las pautas de Aprendizaje a distancia para todos de Oregon requieren que las escuelas emitan boletas de calificaciones de fin de año que utilicen las calificaciones Aprobado / Incompleto (PASS / INCOMPLETE) en vez de las calificaciones para los grados 1-4 con las que usted está ya familiarizado y que son las que enviamos en el informe regular de notas de primaria. Esto significa que los maestros y maestras pueden no estar calificando tareas de la manera en que usted está acostumbrado/a. En cambio, los maestros y maestras se centrarán la participación con comentarios significativos y reconocer los esfuerzos de los estudiantes, a medida que continuarán monitoreando la participación y el compromiso. Comunicarán este progreso a través de correo electrónico, llamadas telefónicas o chats de video bidireccionales.

La incertidumbre sobre el aprendizaje (tanto durante el cierre de la escuela como en el futuro) ha llevado a algunos de ustedes a preguntarnos sobre si su hijo o hija será (o debería ser) retenido o promovido el próximo año. La orientación del Departamento de Educación es clara sobre este tema, “la promoción de los y las estudiantes al siguiente nivel de grado no se basará en el rendimiento durante el período de cierre de la escuela; ningún/a niño/a será atrasado/a o retenido/a debido a los impactos del cierre prolongado de la escuela “. Sabemos que el aprendizaje para todos los y las estudiantes se verá afectado como resultado del cierre de la escuela. A medida que se reanude la escuela, tomaremos medidas para evaluar con precisión el conocimiento de los y las estudiantes y su nivel de habilidades. Usaremos esta información 

para así diseñar un enfoque de instrucción para el año escolar que satisfaga las necesidades de todos los estudiantes.

Para su revisión, hemos incluido un resumen (en inglés) del documento del Departamento de Educación de Oregón titulado Apoyando a nuestros estudiantes en los grados K-8, que detalla las formas en que los distritos están apoyando a sus comunidades escolares locales. Finalmente, si tiene preguntas sobre las prácticas de calificación durante el Aprendizaje a distancia para todos, comuníquese con el maestro/a o el o la directora de su hijo/a. Mientras tanto, ¡le agradecemos por asociarse con nosotros para apoyar a su hijo/a!

School Logo

Home of the Mustangs 

Our Principal

Drew Frank has been the principal at Tom McCall Since September 2011.  Prior to coming to McCall, Mr. Frank worked as the Students Services Director at Buckingham Elementary.  This position is a kin to an assistant principal.  Before beginning his administrative career, Mr. Frank was a classroom teacher for 10 years in Bend.
Mr. Frank earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Pitzer College, in Southern California.  It was there that he played basketball for the college as well as solidified his desire to be part of the educational system of our country.  Having grown up as the son of two educators, you could say, “teaching is in his blood.”  If you ask Mr. Frank if he is a Duck or a Beaver; he’ll proudly say the Beavs!
Mr. Frank has an incredible wife who is a nurse in the Bend School District and two kids, both in high school.  He loves to spend time with his family in the great outdoors. They love to camp, swim, play tennis and be active together.  Mr. Frank is proud to be the principal of our school and he loves working with the staff, students, and families to make McCall the best it can be.

Drew Frank

Principal, Tom McCall Elementary

Dear Future EGMS 5th graders and your families,

We are so excited to meet you in the Fall and have you become an official Husky!  Until then, with COVID-19 our transition process has had to change a little bit.  

The purpose of this document is to give you a one-stop-shop for all things 5th grade transition.  When updates are available they will be communicated through your 5th grade teachers lesson plan and an email directly to your family.  


  1. Second counseling video: CLICK HERE  
  2. First counseling video: CLICK HERE



School transfer form (EGMS—> OMS)

School transfer form (EGMS—OMS) spanish


If you have any questions throughout this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your EGMS Counselors!

Peter Hower            Elizabeth Platt 

541-362-1764 (call or text)                             631-769-7760 (call or text)

Estimados futuros estudiantes de 6º grado de EGMS y sus familias:


¡Estamos muy entusiasmados de conocerlos en el otoño y de que se conviertan en un Husky oficial! Hasta entonces, nuestro proceso de transición ha tenido que cambiar un poco debido a COVID-19.  

El propósito de este documento es darles un solo sitio sobre todas las cosas de la transición de 5º grado. Cuando tengamos actualizaciones disponibles, serán comunicadas a través de los planes de lecciones de sus maestros de 5º grado y un correo electrónico enviado directamente a sus familias.  


  1. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ: Nuestro primer video de consejeros
  2.  Después, tome nuestra encuesta AQUÍ 

¡Próximamente! Videos presentando a nuestros maestros de 6º grado y un video corto con un recorrido de EGMS.



Formulario para transferencia de escuela (EGMS—> OMS)

Formulario para transferencia de escuela (EGMS—OMS) en español


Si ustedes tienen alguna pregunta durante este proceso, ¡por favor no duden en contactar a sus consejeros de EGMS! 

Peter Hower            Elizabeth Platt 

541-362-1764 (llamada o mensaje de texto)              631-769-7760 (llamada o mensaje de texto)

Dear future OMS 6th graders,


We are so excited to meet you in the Fall and have you become part of the official Wolf Pack!  


With COVID-19 our transition process has changed.  The purpose of this document is to give you a one-stop-shop for all things related to 5th grade transition.  This page will be located on your 5th grade teachers lesson plans within Engage Redmond.


Don’t forget to scroll down!


If you have any questions throughout this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


Trisha Bruck

541-604-2309 (call or text)


  1. Watch the videos below:


    1.  Obsidian Middle School Staff Introductions
    2.  Obsidian Middle School Virtual Tour
    3. Answers to your “Burning Questions”


  1.  Fill out your 6th Grade forecasting form.  

Estimados futuros estudiantes de 6to grado de OMS:


Estamos muy emocionados de conocerte en el otoño y de que te hayas convertido en parte de la manada de lobos oficial!  


Con COVID-19 nuestro proceso de transición ha cambiado. El propósito de este documento es brindarle una ventanilla única para todo lo relacionado con la transición del quinto grado. Esta página se ubicará en sus planes de lecciones para maestros de 5to grado dentro de Engage Redmond.


¡No te olvides de desplazarte hacia abajo!


Si tiene alguna pregunta durante este proceso, no dude en comunicarse conmigo.


Trisha Bruck

541-604-2309 (llamada o mensaje de texto)


  1. Vea los videos a continuación:


    1.  Obsidian Middle School Presentaciones del Personal
    2.  Obsidian Middle School Visita virtual
    3. Respuestas a sus “Preguntas candentes”

Complete su Formulario de pronóstico de 6to grado

News & Information

Tom McCall Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Connection (PTC) strives to support the excellent teachers and staff and foster the educational development of students.

Our annual fundraiser, the Tom McCall Mustang Fun Run, allows students the opportunity to get outside and get moving while raising funds to support the school. We host several family-oriented events throughout the school year, as well.

These efforts allow the Tom McCall PTC to assist educators in purchasing materials and equipment that may otherwise be unattainable throughout the school.

Click HERE for more information

Battle of the Books

Redmond Battle of the Books (RBOB) is a district-level elementary school reading competition for 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade students. Students read 3 books from the booklist below to qualify to participate in a team. Teams are formed in early December to allow time for reading books that may not have been read yet by team members. In January and February, teams meet weekly to battle each other by answering questions from books on the list.  The top two teams from Tom McCall will battle in a school championship and both teams will advance to the District RBOB Tournament in March where they will compete with the top teams from other Redmond elementary schools. 

In response to growing school meal account delinquent debt and its effect on education funds, Redmond School District will begin sending out past-due debt notices that include a firm payment due date in an effort to collect past due debts. This action is being taken in order to protect the high quality of education in Redmond schools. If the meal account debt is not paid by the due date, those funds must come from education dollars in order to protect the solvency of our food service program.

Click HERE for more information